Our Consortium for Quantitative Prediction of Sandstone Reservoir Quality joins together sponsors to direct the development of new technology for prediction of sandstone reservoir properties away from well control. Sponsors obtain access to Geocosm's Touchstone system for reservoir quality assessment and prediction and obtain a proprietary edge through built-in sponsor-specific activities.

Link to password protected site for RQC members.

Quartz Cementation in Cataclastic Deformation Zones

We have developed a new model of quartz cementation (Prism2D™) that incorporates behavior that makes it particularly well suited for simulation of quartz cementation in cataclastic zones. In this project we will evaluate the performance of this model using several carefully characterized samples from cataclastic zones and associated host rocks. This project is open to non-RQC members.

Prism2D simulation showing the influence of nucleation discontinuities on quartz overgrowth precipitation


We are working with the Fracture Research and Application Consortium (FRAC) at The University of Texas at Austin to determine whether sandstone diagenetic modeling can help to predict the characteristics of fractures within tight gas sandstones. Consortium researchers include geoscientists and engineers from the Bureau of Economic Geology and the Departments of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering and Geological Sciences.

Prism2D simulation of the interaction of fracturing and quartz cementation in sandstone

Deep Shelf

We have teamed up with the Integrated Reservoir Solutions division of Core Laboratories to develop Touchstone reservoir quality predictions for the Deep Shelf play in the Gulf of Mexico Basin. Participation is open to all companies although those companies that are also RQC members obtain the Touchstone calibration files for their own internal use.

Click here for the password protected site for downloading Touchstone Calibration Sets and here to log on to CoreLab's Deep Shelf Site.

Touchstone Thrust Project

The ultimate objective of this effort is to develop a module for Touchstone that can accurately predict sandstone reservoir quality in thrust regimes. The initial phase, in progress, involves characterization of samples from thrust regimes together with an analysis of the performance of prototype compaction models developed by Geocosm. This project is restricted to RQC member companies.