In 2001 Geocosm established the Consortium for Quantitative Prediction of Sandstone Reservoir Quality (RQC). The purpose of the RQC is to develop methodologies that increase the accuracy of sandstone reservoir quality prediction and to provide supporting companies with the tools, training, and support they need to use these methodologies effectively. Members obtain Geocosm's Touchstone reservoir quality modeling software, direct research and development activities, and obtain training and specialized services.

RQC Research

Much of our research is aimed at understanding controls on important diagenetic processes that are not accurately predicted by current models and developing new models that improve Touchstone's predictive accuracy.

We use a three-pronged approach in our research on reservoir quality:

RQC Deliverables

The following deliverables are included in the RQC annual fee:

  • Results of RQC sponsored research and development activities delivered annually in the form of presentations, workshops, and new Touchstone releases as appropriate.
  • Proprietary training, consulting, and service work involving the application of RQC technologies.
  • Bi-annual meetings where RQC staff and participants make technical presentations, conduct workshops, participate in a forum for reservoir quality issues in sandstones, and direct RQC research and development activities.
  • A license to Geocosm's "Touchstone" software package for reservoir quality analysis and modeling.
  • Touchstone maintenance.

RQC Staff

The RQC staff has extensive experience in the successful completion of research and development projects aimed at developing practical approaches toward reservoir quality prediction. The staff includes two AAPG Distinguished Lecturers, a keynote speaker at the SEPM Diamond Jubilee Symposium, and co-inventors of reservoir quality prediction models.

RQC Private Site

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