Touchstone is a software system for analysis of controls on reservoir quality in analog sandstones and for forward modeling of sandstone diagenesis and petrophysical properties.

Touchstone is designed for:

  • "Data mining" of analog sample sets to understand the controls on reservoir quality
  • Quantitative prediction of porosity and permeability distributions in exploration or production areas with good well control and analog samples, and
  • Quantitative risk analysis in frontier exploration areas

Touchstone comprises a database with querying and plotting facilities, a system for parameter optimization that can be used to calibrate the model to analog samples, and a system that integrates forward deterministic modeling with stochastic methods for prediction of reservoir quality distributions in undrilled areas.

Touchstone is available exclusively for RQC members (Geocosm however does conduct Touchstone studies for non-RQC members) for the Microsoft Vista operating system.